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    It’s Magic! A new book

    I am very excited to announce that my latest book, It’s Magic! After completing my last book, a detective story: Death at the Last Chapter, I wanted my next book to be another romantic comedy. And so It’s Magic was born.

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    Where the ‘N’ came from!

    In the world outside of writing, I’m simply known as Michael, or more often than not, Mike, and am often asked how I’ve come to be Michael ‘N’ Wilton as my pen name… I was born on August 26 1929 at 9 Eastcombe Avenue, Charlton, which now no longer exists, because the road eventually had to make way for a bypass. My father rushed off and named me Norman Wilton after his brother, a chemist. My mother didn’t care for the name and called me Michael – which everyone has used ever since. My local Bank manager got over the problem by letting it be known that I was ‘Norman,…

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    My road to writing fiction

    I was born in 1929 in Charlton and spent my early years in Charlton and Blackheath. About to follow the family tradition of starting at Colfe’s Grammar School in Lewisham, my education was interrupted by the outbreak of war and I was evacuated to Skinners School in Tunbridge Wells with my older brother. My father ended up taking on a house his colleague had been renting in Gresham Road, Oxted (now where the library is located) and I finished my education at Oxted County School. I was much more inclined to the arts than business, but after I finished school, my father persuaded me to get a job in banking,…