Save our Shop

Losing his job at the local newspaper after depicting the sub-editor in a series of unflattering doodles, William Bridge is called on to help his uncle Albert keep his shop going and he immediately falls in love with Sally, the latest shop volunteer, despite formidable opposition from her autocratic step mother, Lady Courtney.

Following a break-in and lost orders, an SOS sent to Albert’s maverick brother Neil for back-up support changes everything. On the run from the police, Neil disguises himself as his Aunt Isobel, and encourages William to be nice to a visiting American security expert and his flighty daughter Veronica to promote business, causing a rift in his budding romance.

The pressure soon mounts for William to investigate rumours of a shady deal to take over the shop and threaten the life of the village – a price he is willing to pay in a desperate fight to win back his love.

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